Wisdom of the Men – Previous “Men of the Year” – MDI Podcast

EDITOR’S NOTE: Holding a context of celebrating greatness, Legacy Magazine publisher Justin LaBarge and editor Jim Ellis gathered with four previous awardees of the Legacy Magazine MDI Man of the Year. The purpose was to gather successful men in one space to celebrate the positive impact men can make in our circle and beyond.

PODCAST – Starring four previous winners of the Legacy Magazine MDI Man of the Year Award, including Ashanti Branch.

Joining LaBarge and Ellis are:

  • Jeff Lawrence (2015 winner) is a Professional Team Builder and Leader who causes greatness by connecting with people and God through trusted relationships. He has been an active member and leader in MDI since joining in July 2007. 
  • Erfan Ahmadi (2022) is a father, son, husband, friend and mentor. A member of MDI since 2020, he works as a senior manager in self-driving vehicles industry. His interests include house music, camping, nature, and being a self-help book junkie.
  • Eric Mortimer (2018) is a High-Performance Coach who helps men increase their productivity without sacrificing balance. He helps others Be More, Do More and Suck less.
  • Ashanti Branch (2014)  is an Engineer, Educator and Entrepreneur who is the founder of The Ever Forward Club and the global #MillionMaskMovement. He has been a member of MDI since 2010.

For Other Information about the Legacy Magazine MDI Man of the Year, click the link HERE.

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