Legacy Discovery Experience

2.5-Day Life-Changing Weekend Experience
Discover Your Purpose
Create The Man Your Legacy Demands

Discover a life-changing weekend designed to connect you with your masculine identity, life purpose and personal power to create a legacy you’ve always wanted.

Why Legacy Discovery?

Legacy Discovery is a powerful journey that celebrates the strength, wisdom, insight, and purpose you carry through this world as a man. It is an exploration of the collective wisdom of men that includes your own unique and valuable wisdom. It is a voyage that leads you to a deep understanding of the man you are today, and awakens the power within you to create the man your legacy demands.

What You’ll Walk Away With From This Experience

  • A powerful way of being based on mature masculinity.
  • How to deepen your connection with men.
  • How wisdom from a circle of men can bring you more success.
  • A life purpose that will make a difference.
  • What you are truly committed to in life.
  • Your true relationship to money and how that affects your life.
  • How to communicate more effectively and powerfully.
  • How to create more trusting relationships.
  • The real relationship you have with your father.
  • The role that sex and intimacy play in your life.
  • How to face yourself, as you truly are and embrace responsibility for your actions.
  • How excellence as a way of being, can replace the fear of perfection.

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Course Details

  • Delivery: In-Person Weekends across North America
  • Schedule: The Legacy Discovery Experience is conducted on a Friday , Saturday and Sunday – typically starts Friday 7pm and ends Sunday afternoon.
  • Fees: $399 - $599 Fees vary based on location & currency.
  • Food: You will be fed like a king.
  • Breaks: There are plenty of breaks throughout the weekend.
  • Lodging: The Legacy Discovery Experience is an ‘on-site’ experience. We provide lodging for you throughout the weekend, do not plan on going home during the evenings, the nights are part of the Legacy Discovery Experience.

Upcoming Events

Mendocino, California
August 18-20
Mendocino Woodlands Camp2 39350 Little Lake Rd Mendocino, CA 95460

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