“To cause greatness by mentoring men to live with excellence and, as mature masculine leaders, create successful families, careers and communities.”

Impact Testimonials

It’s rumored that if you were to ask a dozen men what they received from being a member of MDI, you would get a dozen different answers that share one common denominator – success. So we tested this rumor and got the men to speak up. Watch the video, as it doesn’t get any more real than this.

Legacy Discovery

Legacy Discovery charters your journey as a man. It’s a journey that celebrates the strength, wisdom, insight and purpose you carry throughout your life and throughout this world. Leading you through your own personal development and growth, Legacy Discovery assists you to look deeply within to see where you stand…with leadership, success, relationships with women, marriage, fathering, personal goals, ultimately leading to a realization of your own purpose and mission in life.

Founded in 2013, the Legacy Magazine is a men’s magazine highlighting the great works of the international men’s organization, MDI. The monthly – exploring masculinity as a contemporary lifestyle – is dedicated to entertain and inspire men to be successful in their lives, families and communities.

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