Legacy Magazine

October 2023

Emotional, mental, spiritual, physical barriers. These can stand between us and our visions, goals and dreams. And they can be moved aside, dissolved. 

This October edition of the Legacy Magazine takes a deep dive into the idea of facing and overcoming our barriers. Read along as our contributors reveal insight. Observe in our second monthly podcast as we cover this ground known to many a man looking to create successful families, careers and communities. 


You Got This!

I’ll Speak to His Heart

Frank ScuraMDI Contributor EDITOR’S NOTE: This was initially a lengthy text that came across my men’s team thread in July 2023. My teammate Frank Scura

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I Know a Guy With a Plane

James Anthony EllisEditor, Legacy Magazine It was in May 2010 when MDI member Allan Bartlett apparently had to choose between attending his son’s high school

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Michael BurnsMDI Contributor I was a curious, mischievous, adventurous little boy who played, wanted to have fun, and hoped to get away with shit. When

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What Scares You?

Dylan Jack JamesGuest Contributor I was four years old when my father and mother first took me trick or treating down our little village street.

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A Journey to Light

Eric MortimerMDI Contributor Yes, I willingly subjected myself to this yesterday.   Picture this: It’s pitch black, hotter than a summer’s day in the Sahara, and

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Barriers? What Barriers?

Eric LouieGuest Contributor The Purpose of the Sterling Men’s Weekend: “To engage in the process of locating the source of your power and discovering and

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