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“I found a place where there were men who keep their word and I can trust.”

- Thomas Thurmond

“I’d tell any man that he owed it to himself and his family to check it out with an open heart and mind.”

- Geoff Tomlinson

“I come here and can take off the mask.”

- Herky Cutler

More than just meetings.

Save 50% on Training

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1-on-1 Discovery Call

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Weekly Team Meetings

The most rejuvenating, grounding, and course-setting hours of your week. The most fun, too.

Men's Team Online Training

Two free hours of online training to get the most from your men's team experience.

Monthly Organization Meetings

Once a month, we bring local teams together (in person or virtually) for a booster shot of motivation.

A Team That’s Always There

The brotherhood of your team members isn’t just for meetings. It’s 24/7 and you get your first couple of meetings with your men’s team for free.

Frequently Asked Questions

Mens teams meet each week for 2 – 3 hours. The day/time varies from team to team.

You will have an opportunity to discuss your situation with leadership and they will work to place you on a team that best suits your needs and the needs of other team members.

If you aren’t sure if a men’s team is right for you, select a monthly membership. This allows you to cancel at any time.

We do not give refunds. We encourage men to select a monthly membership which gives them the flexibility and peace of mind of being able to cancel at any time.

“I’ve learned effective communication, that I can’t do it alone, and that I need help. And that it is easier to be a team.” – Wes Nichols, Member since 2008