Life-Changing Pearls of Wisdom

Get pearls of wisdom that men have learned the hard way, so you don’t have to.

Trained Course Leaders

Learn from leaders who passionately volunteer their time to help men unconditionally win in their lives.

Virtual & In-Person Learning

Level up your skills in-person or virtually from any device around the world.

The Mature Masculine Workshop

A New MDI Training For An Ancient Paradigm

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Introduction To Leadership (ITL)

The Introduction to Leadership Training (ITL) program is MDI’s premier, entry level leadership training course.

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Team Leader Training

Team Leader Training (TLT) is a specialized course that teaches the specific skills and processes used for leading Teams.

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Enrollment Training

Enrollment is a successful leader’s most cherished skill because possessing this skill gives one great power while claiming this skill for one’s own demands a lifetime of courage, humility, and practice.

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What Men are Saying About the Training?​

“The lessons learned from these trainings are impactful when applied to your men's team experience but more importantly, the underlying concepts are just as applicable in your everyday life and relationships”

Tony Fisher

“It helped me to gain a new appreciation and love for my father, amongst many other things.”

Dwight Baer

“Strengthened my commitment to be a good husband and father. Learned leadership tools I use as a manager of people and as a Scouting Leader.”

Bruce Ferrand

“I’m never late to meetings anymore. I’m now the guy who’s usually early by a few minutes. This one distinction has changed my entire life.”

Neal Goomar