Persuade with Power: Enrollment Leadership Training

The #1 Leadership Skill
Stop selling people, start enrolling them
Four-week, Eight-hour Introduction

Why Enrollment Leadership Training?

If you have ever been invited to be part of an opportunity or an important initiative at work through a series of conversations that were so engaging, authentic and inspiring — and showed you such compelling possibilities for yourself — that you didn’t just say yes, but signed-on completely… then you have been Enrolled.

Enrollment is the difference between selling someone and bringing someone into your vision and purpose. It gives you great power, demands courage, humility and practice, and is the path to creating the life you want, with all the people, places, and things that you want in it.

In MDI’s Enrollment Training, you’ll be introduced to this key leadership art. You’ll learn and practice critical skills and receive feedback and coaching throughout the course.

What You'll Walk Away With From This Course

  • Have more success inspiring, aligning and motivating people and teams
  • Learn how to get people to sign-on with conviction, not just comply
  • Learn how to enroll anyone into what is important to you with honor and integrity
  • Create a team dynamic anywhere at any time
  • Know exactly what enrollment is and isn't
  • Learn how to lead others to understand and adopt the things that are central to your purpose
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Course Details

  • Delivery: Virtual course on Zoom
  • Schedule: Once a week (2-hour session) for 4 weeks, typically from 9pm - 11pm (EST)
  • Fees: $99 non-members
    $49 members

Course Leaders

Stan Snow
"Enrollment is the path to creating the life you want, with the people, places, and things you want in it."

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