Introduction To Leadership (ITL)

4-week Training Course
2-Hour Sessions
Basic Leadership Principles

Why Introduction to Leadership Training (ITL)

The Introduction to Leadership Training (ITL) program is MDI’s premier, entry level leadership training course. ITL is delivered on Zoom in four, 2-hour sessions over a 4-week period and covers basic leadership concepts and principles. Through the use of visual presentations, lecture, group discussions, breakout rooms and homework, participants will learn and practice basic leadership skills, techniques, and processes. This course introduces participants to MDI’s signature leadership planning tool (Context, Purpose & Results, or “CPR”) and gives them the opportunity to practice and receive coaching using this tool. This course teaches leadership skills that are applicable to any life situation involving people.

What You'll Walk Away With From This Course

  • Learn to have power over your context in any given situation, with practical steps on how to create and hold your context, even when the shit hits the fan.
  • Learn how to plan for, and achieve, literally ANY goal in your life.
  • Learn the basics of how to lead any group, in any situation, at any time.
  • Learn to become confident in any leadership situation.
"Discover why 99.1% of past graduates would recommend this course to any man."

Course Leaders

Greg Aldrich

Matt Lyons

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Course Details

  • Delivery: Virtual course on Zoom
  • Schedule: The course runs for 4 weeks. Each session lasts two hours and typically runs from 9pm - 11pm (EST)
  • Fees: $99 non-members
    $49 members

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