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Why Introduction to Leadership Training (ITL)

The course that 99.1% of past graduates would recommend to any man introduces men to MDI’s signature leadership planning tool, Context, Purpose & Results (CPR): equipping them with the tools and confidence to not just lead in any situation, but achieve personal goals through powerful personal training.

No other theory for changing a man’s way of being — one that MDI has refined over many years — is more powerful than the idea of context: the interrelated conditions in which something (or someone) exists.

MDI Leadership Training helps free a man from negative thinking by introducing the empowering concept that instead of your context being imposed on you, you can shape it. And when you lead from a context that you decide, you can learn to lead by “holding” your context in the face of disagreement, resistance or any other roadblock.

Through visual presentations, lectures, breakout rooms and homework, men will learn and practice no-BS leadership skills, techniques, and processes — including how to decisively shape your world and decisions through Context, Purpose & Results.

What You'll Walk Away With From This Course

  • Learn the basics of how to lead any group, in any situation, any time
  • Learn how to plan for and achieve any goal in your life
  • Learn how to become confident in any leadership situation
  • Learn how to create and hold your context in any situation, even when the shit hits the fan
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Course Details

  • Delivery: Virtual course on Zoom
  • Schedule: Once a week (2-hour session) for 4 weeks, typically from 9pm - 11pm (EST)
  • Fees: $99 non-members
    $49 members

Course Leaders

Greg Aldrich
Matt Lyons
"99.1% of past graduates would recommend this course to any man"

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