Grow Into a Leader with Team Leader Training (TLT)

Go deep with master trainers
Create high-performance teams
Achieve results in any situation

Why Team Leader Training?

There is nothing as effective as a high-performance team. At MDI, we see these marvels of leadership create transformational meetings, inspiring community impact, and quantifiable success for all.

MDI Team Leader Training (TLT) is the only training that lets you bring out the best of people at MDI and anywhere else you’re called to lead. It’s a deep dive into the precise challenges and opportunities of leading a team, including:

  • breaking down and understanding the dynamics of a team meeting and group dynamics
  • mastering delegation, agreements, team standards
  • understanding team dysfunctions and when and how to get help

This training is a must for anyone who wants to lead their MDI team, but once you have the skills they’re yours for life. It’s also an incredibly quick and inexpensive way to obtain the kind of immersive training that is typically weeks longer and costs hundreds of dollars more.

What You'll Walk Away With From This Course

  • Learn what it takes to lead any team in all situations.
  • Delegation: a super-skill that leads to high-performance teams.
  • Learn the specifics of creating exceptional Team Meetings in any environment.
  • Learn how to quickly forge agreements between Team Leader and members that lock-in the foundation for a high-performance team.

Course Details

  • Delivery: Virtual course on Zoom
  • Schedule: Once a week (2-hour session) for 4 weeks, typically from 9pm - 11pm (EST)
  • Fees: $99 non-members
    $49 members
"Training is where MDI concepts and beliefs turn into skills, best practices and second-nature actions."

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