Who is the 2023 Legacy Magazine MDI Man of the Year

The Mission of MDI – To cause greatness by mentoring men to live with excellence and as mature masculine leaders, create successful families, careers and communities.

Every year since 2014, this periodical has crowned a “Legacy Magazine MDI Man of the Year.” It has been bestowed on that man who has done the most to live the mission and core values of MDI, as well as promote the organization in some public way, showing up as an example for successful families, careers and communities. The key factor here is that the man makes public this men’s organization in some manner. 


  • An MDI man
  • Lives the mission and core values of MDI
  • Shows up as an example for successful families, careers and communities
  • Promotes the organization in some public way

In years past we acknowledged these men:
• 2014 – Ashanti Branch – Western Region
• 2015 – Jeff Lawrence – Western Canada Region
• 2016 – Brian Mumford – New England Region
• 2017 – Ian Kennard – Eastern Canada
• 2018 – Eric Mortimer – Canada
• 2019 – “The Man We Lost”
• 2020 – David Smith – Canada
• 2021 – “The Mature Masculine Leader
• 2022 – Erfan Ahmadi – Atlas

AND NOW … Who Will Be The 2023 Legacy Magazine MDI Man of the Year?

Nominations Open

Who is that man?

  • A man who brings his best.
  • A man who’s reliable and aspires to live with excellence.
  • A man playing a big game in his life, with honesty, integrity and truthfulness.
  • A man who gives the gift away and publicly promotes MDI in a tangible way, helping the organization grow.
  • A man who lives by the Code of Honor and by the MDI mission and core values.
  • A man who’s with you in the trenches.

Who is this man? It is likely to be a man in your life. A man on your men’s team. A leader who inspires you. Consider the men who inspire you and submit your nomination!

Nominate him by MONDAY, DECEMBER 18, 2023. This is not a vote, nor popularity contest, but will be confirmed based on merit by Legacy Magazine staff and regional scouts, as well as the MDI President.

All nominations shall be made public!

INSTRUCTIONS: To nominate a man, include his name, team, division, region, and a 1 – 3 paragraph statement why you believe he should be the Legacy Magazine MDI Man of the Year. Click the below button to send your nomination by e-mail.

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