Valentine’s Day is TODAY for the 365-day Challenge

David Plante

Disclaimer: This article is written by a man for men. It is intended for men to read and understand in men’s language. It is a guide for men to navigate successfully in today’s society.

Valentine’s Day is TODAY!

Yes, you got it right, Valentine’s day is today. It does not matter when this article gets published; every day is Valentine’s day.

If you want to prove it ask your wife. “Should every day be Valentine’s day?” Actually, don’t ask her, you might find yourself in the doghouse.

Though no one has pinpointed the exact origin of the holiday, one good place to start is ancient Rome, where men hit on women by, well, hitting them.

In 2018, the holiday is a day to appreciate your woman. A day to show her how much you love her, care about being with her, how your world would be empty without her, and how you would be a knuckle dragging Neanderthal picking your ass and smelling your fingers if she were not there to tell you how disgusting that is.

But with every idea that seems good, there is another side, and here it is.



Consider this. We have declared one day out of the year to purposely set aside to acknowledge and appreciate our wives. If women created this day, is it because they have men who would otherwise ignore and not appreciate them 365 days a year, and they needed to force you to do it at least one day a year? Or did man create this day, so they would be reminded once a year that in order to shut up their women, they would spend obscene amounts of money on them on a certain day… and for one day, they would experience peace, tranquility, love, and possibly a blow job?

February 14 is just another day. If you ask any successfully married man of 25 years or more, they will tell you that every day is Valentine’s Day. Doing things EVERY day to show your woman you appreciate and love her only costs you time. And I would bet that you could break it up into little parts, and you could spend no more than 15 minutes a day to achieve a level of mastery around it and reap the benefits. In the back of my book, I offer up 250 of those suggestions, which you can use or be inspired by to create your own.

So take the 365-day Valentine’s Day Challenge.

Do things every day that show your appreciation and love for that beautiful creature you took off the market so none of us could have her. And remember, look in the mirror before you go to bed and ask yourself, “Did I do a good job today?” Have the answer you give yourself be the answer, and not what she or anyone else thought or said it was.

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