The Wisdom Collective

The nature of mature masculinity has roots tied into the concept of not going it alone. This is why we create teams. The success of our teams carries a recipe that includes trust, honor, living a code, and wisdom. In this wisdom, we have coined “the collective wisdom of the men.” Honoring this wisdom of the men, we bring to you “The Wisdom Collective,” the room within this classy online museum dedicated to the wisdom of the men of MDI in a project called The Living Legacy.

The Purpose of the Living Legacy Project

To keep alive in archive the wisdom of the men, the success stories of the men and the legacy of our men so that future generations can benefit from and be uplifted by the men who have gone before.

Within the Living Legacy Project, in this museum for men, there are 7 DEPARTMENTS:

  1. The Wall of Fathers – A Thank You page for Dad – pictures, prose and memories. HERE
  2. The Mausoleum –  Honoring MDI men who have passed away.
  3. The Chamber of Success – Inspiring success stories of men winning, or being the man they’ve always wanted to be.
  4. The Wisdom Collective – Wisdom of the Men, lessons learned in life, shared for the benefit of others.  ALREADY HERE!
  5. The Archives of Attaboys – A brief acknowledgment, man to man, for who that man is or what he’s done. HERE
  6. The Hall of Legacy – MDI men who have made a difference for the organization, to include the Legacy Magazine Man of the Year, the Rick Russell Award, the Hall-Of-Honor nominees from the past, etc.  
  7. Funny Shit – Jokes, gags and satire … not necessarily in that order.

In The Wisdom Collective, you can walk the hallowed room and review the life lessons, the leadership lessons, the relationship lessons and all the wisdom that has made time in our circle valuable. We did not want to allow such gold to just fade away. It is shared with you for your benefit and the benefit for all you shall influence. Add to the room as well, so all of us can be more and more rich.

The MDI Living Legacy Project has Seven Departments.

The Collective Wisdom of the Men

  • King – I have learned to ask for help without reservations, to become a better listener, take criticism/inspection better, be more understanding in relationships, be the man I’ve always wanted to be.
  • Smith – Honesty, the power of being truthful.
  • Erickson – I’ve learned that the windshield is bigger than the rearview mirror, and to work on any anger addiction and keep it in check.
  • Wendell – Don’t do it alone, ask for and also accept help, TRUST YOUR MEN AS OPPOSED TO TRUST MEN!!! Very powerful!!!
  • Dubious – Discovered the purpose of helping others, the code of honor and applying that to life every 5 minutes. Go the extra mile learning the tenets. Be humble, be a good leader, embrace a shift in perspective.
  • Proctor – How to be a powerful leader, to be a man, not a boy.
  • Marcotte – I learned how to work as a team and put commitment before ego. How to ask for help, how to develop a deeper trust in working with men, how to become the man you always wanted to be. Learning how to not take things personally.
  • Justin LaBarge – Being on time is only important for those who can tell time.
  • Jim Ellis – A man doesn’t need to separate from his buds just because there is conflict. Conflict can be embraced by brothers who can go to the mat and then get up and play some basketball.
  • Rob Wetzel – Wisdom learned: How to accept the things men see in me that I don’t. It made me feel that my time as a team leader was a big accomplishment.
  • Tom McCarter – My wife suddenly dropped into depression. She stopped going to work and climbed into bed. After a week, I asked for help at a division meeting. I was told to treat her like she had the flu. If she had the flu, I wouldn’t make her wrong or suggest she go to work or clean the house. I would assume all duties and take care of her because she had the flu. I would clean house, do the shopping, the cooking, the laundry, whatever was needed. I held this context for six months and eventually my wife did what she needed to do to get back to being the woman I married. We are still happily married eight years later.
  • CJ Hill – To listen to my ex-wife unselfishly and not judge her. Because of this change in me, she speaks to me with much less resentment and anger and has allowed me to regain self-respect.
  • Rob Macintosh – Contrary to my own thinking, it is in fact possible to speak my mind safely, in any situation, by holding a context of mutual benefit. This serves me to maintain my sanity and happiness.
  • Babar Ahmed – What i have learned and found through MDI is a good listening forum, no one judging anyone, as I am able to find purpose.
  • Saraf Shmutz – Find ways to emotionally regulate myself.
  • Michael Fowlkes – MDI is a relationship-based organization, so to the level that you’re in relationship is the level that you’ll be successful.

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