“The Gentleman’s Agreement” Outlined

A Binding Contract For Men Who Want To Sell Each Other Out 


Step 1. Realize you’re not perfect. 

Step 2. Engage your need to hide this fact. 

Step 3. Note that upholding high standards will shine a light on your imperfections.

Step 4. Determine ways to lower the bar so your ego does not feel so inferior. 

Step 5. Determine who on your men’s team will stringently hold you to your best … and then disengage with these men; marginalize, mock and undermine them if at all possible. 

Step 6. Seek out others who will align with your strategies to: 

A. Lower standards. 

B. Minimize exposure of any weaknesses. 

C. Hide out in a cave of denial.

Step 7. Make a “Gentleman’s Agreement” with these men…


In right mind and deeply entrenched in our egos, we both agree:

  • In order to maintain a likability between each other
  • In order to not rock to boat or make either of us upset
  • In order to do the minimum by holding each other to the minimum (or less)

We join this agreement. With the following provisions: 

  • We shall not hold each other accountable to our best.
  • We shall look the other way if either of us breaks our word or breaks any agreements/commitments.
  • We shall help in finding excuses for each other’s screw-ups. 
  • We shall hold secret lists/grudges to help drive all discord underground. 
  • We shall do all of this in order to maintain status quo and to not grow in any way personally or professionally. 

No signing of contract necessary, just a handshake, a wink and a nod. 

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