Thank You Bad Back For Kicking My Butt

Jim Ellis


Thank you bad back!

That’s right I’m talking to you. YOU! With all those aches and pains. That agitating agony that sometimes sends me to my knees … if not belly, as I slither towards the bathroom or kitchen like the Grinch making its way around the Christmas tree.

Thank you for showing me something I may have missed.

And it all comes from the pain you have brought.

As I now see it, after years of personal growth and personal growing pains, emotional and even physical pain is a definite signal for healing.

Healing? How can that be? I’m talking about the healing that comes in the form of a timely message from the body that says, “Umm, excuse me, wanted to get your attention. Hi. The way you have been living – in mind, body and spirit – has been conflicting with your true nature of health and a natural flow.”

Sometimes it’s a gentle nudge as in a somewhat stiff neck, and sometimes it’s a more aggressive in its approach, as in a disease, a state of melancholy, a lower back that is completely out. if I’m intelligent, and a good listener, I will take heed. I will listen to you, Mr. Back. I can consider the causes you hint at:

  1. Stress
  2. Poor posture and body mechanics
  3. Lack of exercise
  4. Unexpressed emotions or ideas
  5. A belief people don’t “have my back”
  6. A belief I’m not supported – by friends, by the universe, by life
  7. And the myriad of things it could be, of which I do not understand on a conscious level

Now, if I DO take heed, and listen to your messages – subtle and not so subtle – I can consider actions to overcome this unconsciousness, and this pain.

  1. Stress reduction – mindfulness on the effects of stress on the body
  2. Mediation – contemplating the source of the cause beyond the symptoms
  3. Yoga with the wife in the daily am practice
  4. Attention on the physical well-being
  5. Re-aligning on my higher purpose and taking daily steps on that path

If I take heed, I can learn and grow. The whole point of life anyway.

Oh you back – I will not take you for granted. I will take you – even in your painful state – not as a defeat, but rather as a signal to listen, learn and take action.

Thank you back pain!

Let me receive your care and your communication.


James Anthony Ellis is an award-winning playwright, journalist and filmmaker, who is the author of eight books, including the men-focused “The Honor Book” available HERE.

2 thoughts on “Thank You Bad Back For Kicking My Butt”

  1. Thank you Jim, I have a man on my team whose in constant pain. He humbled me in what he had to live with.
    I’ve learn to love my diabetes. It has put on a path of a new relationship with food and my weight. I now see candy as poison, who would ever thought.

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