Talking and Listening to Each Other on Social Media

David Boone
Guest Writer

I look at all the posts on Facebook from all sides and I wonder if we have gotten to the point where people with opposing views cannot have a civil, intelligent discussion about the direction we want our country to take?

A conversation without name calling, insults or the vilification of the opposition where the main goal is not to make things better but to make the other side look worse.

America is truly great when we strive to bring out the best in each other. When we not only listen to opposing views but seek them out.

Call me idealistic but I’ve always believed that politics at it’s best is about finding common ground and working together for the good of the country as a whole and not just for our own little world or bubble or party where everyone agrees with us.

Talking and listening to divergent views with an open mind can be a truly powerful thing, creating possibilities beyond the imagination of any one side.

America is truly great when we strive to bring out the best in each other. When we not only listen to opposing views but seek them out. When our leaders have vision beyond the next election. When people are willing to change their minds when a better solution is presented even if it goes against their previously held beliefs.

I know so many intelligent and capable people with so many different points of view and the one thing I do know is that I have much more in common with them than not.
I myself will continue to strive to be someone my kids will be proud of by rising to my best and not sinking to my worst.

I’m proud to call those on my Facebook wall my family and friends, and I challenge each one of you to be your best each and every day and to be even better the next.

That will truly make America even greater.


2 thoughts on “Talking and Listening to Each Other on Social Media”

  1. My opinion of social media just got a lift because of this article. Bringing and being the best qualities of an MDI Team meeting to others has unlimited possibilities. We practice listening before speaking, so that others can feel, or intuit that we hear them and respect them, even when we disagree.
    Thank you, Dave Boone, for caring and engaging us in a most important conversation.
    Don McCary
    Team Leader Mentor
    Big Stick, SW Region

  2. Tim Heaton, Walkabout, HSI Division

    This is a very good description of where we, as a society, behave in our social media interactions. Now that we can speek our minds, and deliver our opinions so freely and easily, and in such anonymity, there seems to be a tendency to bring others down, rather than seek common ground. I appreciate Mr. Boone’s vision for a better way to interact. Even though you and I may differ in our opinion, and our political position, there are still values that we can share and can respect each other for….. well done.

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