Stranded Stan Snow Finds New Position as Short Order Cook in Texas Steakhouse

By Peter Pantz

Success Story! Stan Snow, former MDI President and present Executive Director, has found his own place in the world, albeit not his first choice.

Taking a very strong “no problem” approach to life, possibly covering a context of “what the fuck is happening here,” Snow – a native of Maine – has landed his dream job of short order cook for “End of the Road” Steakhouse in Texas.

After being stranded in Austin, Texas, by way of a broken-down RV on a journey from Florida to California, Snow won’t take the defeat lying down. He’ll actually be standing up … a lot!

In his new position, Snow stands in a kitchen, along with two other chefs – Thing 1 and Thing 2 – providing hot plates of grub through a small window.

“Hey it’s still a life of service,” Snow said. “Only now it’s less about honor and empowerment, but more about collard greens and chicken-fried steak.”

The management of “End of the Road” has taken a liking to their new employee, though at times he can get, as they say, that “gruff, stare-you-down, seething calm” that emanates when frustrated.

“It’s the ringing bell that gets me the most,” Snow said. “I’ll just consider it a wake-up call. And it’s pretty literal, since many times I do fall asleep back here.”

No longer needing a GoFundMe page to fix the RV, Snow is quite content, even with the ringing bell and the slightly lower purpose.

As a closing comment, Snow wanted to make sure that every MDI member within earshot understood his position: “I was just kidding about being OK. I need help. No really … help.”

As of press time, this term “help” was not definable by men.

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