A Case for MDI Discontinuing “By When’s” Due to High Stress

Mentor Discover Inspire has chosen to discontinue those pesky “By When’s” due to the extreme amount of emotional discomfort it is causing the men. Such as Justin LaBarge, producer of the Legacy Magazine. Says LaBarge, “Who’s got time for this shit? Don’t you have something – ANYTHING – worth doing without all this external stress of doing the shit by a particular time?”

Case in point…

Why I always gotta solve this shit?

By when will your dog finish taking a shit?

Time to take a shit?

Is that your best? It’s abuse! How the frig do I know?

Why is this MY PROBELM?

Can you imagine the amount of emotional contusions we open ourselves to, to be responsible to answer such questions? Who the hell is making me the master of fate? Some cruel master from on high, for sure.

Time for another shit?

Best be safe, and lower our expectations!


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