Scott Baldwin


How does your men's team help you live a better life? In other words ... what keeps you coming back week over week?

it is good to be with men who value honor, integrity, and self-improvement work. Team meetings remind me of the value of having standards which makes it easier for me to stick to them in the rest of my life.

Why did you join MDI?

Because it is hard to find men of honor in today’s world and MDI has lots of them.

Is there any special moment or story about your men's team and MDI that stands out to you, that makes you smile proudly?

I took Basic Leadership Training then the next weekend I used it at my dirt bike motorcycle club to organize a bunch of men to solve a problem involving a broken gate. I got them to self-form into teams to 1) go to town for the electrician who installed the new lock 2) remove a section of fence so we could bypass the gate 3) then somebody figured out how to disconnect the gate from the electronic lock so we did 4) re-string the fence wires.

Is there an area in your life, that you've completely transformed with your men's team?

I get along with women lots better now.

What would you say to a new man who is considering joining an MDI men's team?

Men on an MDI team can give you advice your friends never would because they come from different backgrounds than your friends so the have different viewpoints.

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