Jeffrey C Pettengill

How does your men's team help you live a better life? In other words ... what keeps you coming back week over week?

My men’s team keeps me in constant touch with the Code of Honor and the aspects of the mature masculine archetypes, which are core to me living into the man I want to be in the world. It also provides me with the opportunity to pass along to other men what I have learned about living a life with these present.

Why did you join MDI?

I joined Mentor Discover Inspire because I was at a point in my life where I was feeling very unsuccessful and I needed to do something to change my life. And the first thing that I really needed to change was how I saw myself and Mentor Discover Inspire helped me see who I truly am.

Is there any special moment or story about your men's team and MDI that stands out to you, that makes you smile proudly?

One of my proudest moments was standing in a circle of men with my father and him getting to see the work that we do supporting other men and the man that I have become by being a part of Mentor Discover Inspire. Then, after the meeting, my father saying that he was glad that I have found myself the men with which to associate myself.

Is there an area in your life, that you've completely transformed with your men's team? Please share.

Being a part of a men’s team has led to all aspects of my life completely transforming. And all these transformations stem from the changes my men’s team has helped me make in how I viewed myself. My men’s team has helped me to understand and accept who I am, that I am as good as any other man, and that I am a capable leader.

What would you say to a new man that is considering joining an MDI men's team meeting?

Be open to the possibility of gaining insight into yourself, and the other men at the meeting, and seeing that you are all not that different and have a greater ability to affect your life than you may think you do.

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