Michael Fowlkes

How does your men's team help you live a better life? In other words ... what keeps you coming back week over week?

My men’s team holds me accountable, tells me the truth. I like getting the collective wisdom of the men. I am on the team to give back.

Why did you join MDI?

To learn to stand for the things I believe in, to develop trusting relationships with men, and to learn how to have successful relationship with women.

Is there any special moment or story about your men's team and MDI that stands out to you, that makes you smile proudly?

Seeing other men that have trained as leaders become successful in the organization as well as in life. That makes it all worth it.

Is there an area in your life, that you've completely transformed with your men's team? Please share.

Yes. My men’s team supported me to start dating, develop a successful relationship with a woman, get married and have a family.

What would you say to a new man that is considering joining an MDI men's team meeting?

MDI is like a laboratory for life where you can make mistakes and it won’t cost your job, or relationship etc. the only cost is embarrassment or a hit to the ego, but you those life skills which will always take with you. This is won of the best kept secrets. It is good place for men to be.

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