Dave Smith


How does your men's team help you live a better life? In other words ... what keeps you coming back week over week?

When someone is inspecting me and holding me accountable for things that I say I want to do, my life gets better.

Why did you join MDI?

To understand my place and my role as a man in my family and at work.

Is there any special moment or story about your men's team and MDI that stands out to you, that makes you smile proudly?

Is there an area in your life, that you've completely transformed with your men's team?

How I am today is all about what I have received from my men’s team. Men took the time with me because they believed in me. From my men’s team, I have learned to put aside another person’s behaviour in order to listen to what they are saying.

What would you say to a new man who is considering joining an MDI men's team?

MDI is not about fixing men; MDI is a tool for powerful men to help change the world.

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