Stan Snow Takes Home the Prestigious Rick Russell Award

Every year an MDI man is honored with the Rick Russell award, named after a man of heart and legacy, who passed away December 25, 1994, but not before he made his mark on an organization which would, according to him, place a men’s team on every neighborhood corner.

This year’s recipient is Stan Snow, MDI’s present Executive Director, and MDI President from 2014 to 2017. The ceremony took place Saturday, May 5 at the Internationals in Leverett, Massachusetts.

According to the plaque, upon which Snow’s name will reside: “The Rick Russell Memorial Membership Award is for Heart. The recipient of this award is a man that is recognized not so much for the jobs and titles he has held, but rather for the way he has held them. He is deeply personal man who is rich in quality relationships with many men. The gold standard example of the behavior is the namesake, Rick Russell.”

The current President selects the candidate for the award and then the previous winners are informed of the choice so they can have their input.

Said MDI President Geoff Tomlinson, “Snow was selected because of a lifetime of exemplary service and heart.”

Residing in the New England region, Snow has held other numerous MDI positions, including Division Coordinator, Regional Coordinator, International Point Program Leader, International Membership Manager, and VP of Programs.

Of the award, Snow said, “I was overwhelmed. Other than events related to my children, it was the proudest moment of my life. Having my name listed with the men who are previous recipients is humbling. I never met Rick Russell, but many men I look up to looked up to him. His vision of a men’s team on every block is still talked about today. It is an honor to be given an award I bid name. There are 48 more name plates on the plaque, possibly taking is to 2066. Some of the men I know will be listed below me in the future. Many of the men whose names will be engraved there have not yet joined us. Let’s go find them.”

Previous winners of the Rick Russell award include:

  1. 2004 – Joe Copp
  2. 2005 – Scott Bye
  3. 2005 – Rich O’Keeffe
  4. 2006 – Len Guida
  5. 2007 – Michael Fowlkes
  6. 2008 – Ronald Tremblay
  7. 2009 – Kurt Thorne
  8. 2010 – Matt Lyons
  9. 2011 – Geoff Tomlinson
  10. 2012 – Howard Spierer
  11. 2013 – David Turk
  12. 2014 – Charles Giers
  13. 2015 – Bob Irwin
  14. 2016 – Sandy Peisner
  15. 2017 – Olaf Krop

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