Overachieving Jackass With Most Bonehead Moves

EDITOR’S NOTE: In the endeavor to collect a number of stories related to the silly and stupid things that men have done over the years, we had one man stand out as an overachiever on this topic. Congratulations Greg Powell of the Canadian Region. What a jackass! We love you.

  • I once told a woman to “calm down.”
  • I told my female boss that she was the reason I drank.
  • Last month I locked myself out of my house because I forgot that I had left the key with a woman that spent the night.  I kicked the door down because I had to shit. Cost me $1,700. Worst part was some came out when I kicked the door in. 
  • One of my female friends is a twin. She invited me to her house for a Christmas dinner her and her husband were hosting. Her twin sister was also there. As we were eating I turned to the twin sister and said “how does it feel knowing that your sisters husband knows what you look like naked.”  Not everyone found it funny 
  • One day I got a knock at my door. It was my neighbor and she was mad because my cat kept shitting in her garden. I said, “I don’t have a cat”.  Right then my cat just walked in the door between my legs looked at me a meowed.   I shut the door and said nothing. 
  • Once in awhile in Canada, we’ll have a “yes” day. No matter what the suggestion is, you have to say “yes.” Crazy shit happens.
  • I had a house warming party in early September. My friend asked if she and her toddler could camp in my yard – sure no problem. I left the door unlocked in case they needed to use the bathroom. Around 2 a.m. I woke up still feeling a bit drunk and had to pee. Walked into my bathroom and started peeing when I noticed my friend was in there washing her hands. I was in full stream and totally naked.
  • I once went on a date with a very hot woman but she had a real tough edge to her. Part way into the date she said “you look a bit nervous.” I replied, “Well I’m not sure if you want to fuck me or fight me.” She replied, “If you do the first one correctly you wont have to worry about the second one.”

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