MDI Discontinues Men’s Initiation Events Because It’s Too Late to Save the World

By Joseph Lowblow

Citing the fact it’s too late to save the wayward people of planet Earth from the ravages owed them, Mentor Discover Inspire (MDI) has chosen to discontinue supporting “Initiation Events” – namely the Legacy Discovery and the Sterling Men’s Weekend – because … welp … what’s the point?

In years past, with a battle cry to “save men’s lives” and “put a men’s team on every corner” and “rescue the masculine spirit from the creeping takeover of feminization,” leadership within MDI beseeched men to fill “Weekends” by enrolling men into the 2- to 3-day experiential events.

The vision was to support men to define their terms as a man in order to create successful families, careers and communities for future generations.

However presently, as the global population can’t even define what a woman or a man is, there is a distinct possibility it won’t even need to define “future generations.”

Said Geoff Tomlinson, MDI’s Chief Something-or-Other, “With world wars predicted, killer viruses on the prowl, and the obvious foreseeable playoff loss for the Toronto Maple Leafs, people are not feeling much hope. I sure don’t. But then again, since the 1967 Stanley Cup run, I rarely have.”

According to the news forecasts, the weather may not cooperate either. Said Mark Z. Spot, VP of Smooth Operations, “For six decades, we have known that we as a people only have about 10 years left before the next ice age or heat wave will destroy all civilization. Now from what I hear on the news, I wonder if we even have that much time left.”

But it’s not just the man-made global destruction that is spelling the doom and gloom.

All one must do is see what is taking place with the males of our society, and one can just toss those shades away, because the future ain’t so bright. Arguably the challenges have hit men the hardest. Look at the devastation:

  • Boys growing up without fathers or father figures.
  • The percentages of boys facing a crisis regarding grades, schooling, trouble, drugs and lack of quality goof-off time.
  • Fathers giving up their visitation rights to a court system built against them.
  • The expansion of paternity fraud, allowing women to pick out the convenient and wealthiest father of their choice – at times not the real father.
  • Outdated and backward laws that see struggling men, who are not able to pay alimony, being placed into prison.
  • Updated and backward laws that are putting everyone else in prison.

But all is not lost. At least one of the genders is doing well. In this Public Service Announcement, created by some obviously confused men, there is a White House Gender Policy Council, which can only help all the genders … well, all but the males.

The LINK IS HERE:   https://youtu.be/VPJOHW9PXzw

In the end, the people will decide where the people are headed. Once upon a time a smurf-like troll trotted out onto a forum for men and warned those in earshot about pending problems due to the feminization that would harm families, communities and society.

In hindsight, in conclusion, in the end … eh – what the hell did he know?

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  1. Nicely done. Worthy of chuckle. I like highlighting our key things we fight to improve. However, I disagree about the Leafs losing. All the way baby!

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