Raising Five Boys Including Me

Sandy Peisner
MDI Contributor

My mother raised five boys, the age difference from oldest to youngest is five years. I am far left in the picture above.

We were the house that every kid in the neighborhood hung out at. If you didn’t know where your child was, call the Peisner’s. She baked everyday so there were always snacks. We had the typical pool in Florida.

I remember when she got mad she would throw her shoes at us, until we became teenagers. Then we caught them and handed them back to her. She knew it was time to stop that. Mom had been a housewife, but with teenage sons she decided to work and became one of a very few life insurance agents for Equitable.

After I moved out and was working in Atlanta, I got my twin brothers a summer job. One of them decided to mail a joint to another brother in Florida … using one of my mother’s business envelopes.

The problem was a postal inspector dog sniffed it out. To my mom’s surprise a postal inspector showed up at her office. She said, “I have five sons, four at home. If you think you can do a better job with them, please take over.” His reply was, “No Thank you, have a nice day.”

We still laugh about that.

Surrounded by six males. Should get an award just for that.

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