New iPhone APP Creates “Undo Button” for your Woman

Fulfilling a need by many men who put their foot in their mouth at just the wrong time, Apple has devised a new iPhone App that allows for the most vital of “Undo.” 

The undo button – used in many Mac- and Windows-based products such as MS Word – allows for the reversal of any recent commands. In these, a misguided deletion or keystroke can easily be reversed by hitting the undo button. 

Marrying this functionality along with the powerful technology of iPhone Apps, the company is announcing the launch of “Conversational Undo 1.0.”

Though in its beta version, the highly complicated technology allows for misguided phrases and words to be deleted from the conversation with any girlfriend, wife, ex-wife or ex-wife’s lawyer. And this is all accomplished without even the need for Siri to get involved. Say developers, “She’d probably get it wrong anyway.”

With this technology, these unfortunate statements can be taken back within moments: 

  • “You look good enough, let’s go.”  
  • “My ex never would have done that.” 
  • “Of course, your butt will always look fat.”

Though the technology promises to be successful, a sister company of Mac is working on a competing App designed to block the undo functionality. Called “Steel Trap Memory” it works like an anti-virus software. Said Bill Gates, Microsoft founder, “This is a battle that may go on indefinitely. And I thought world overpopulation was a challenge.”  

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