Big Foot and Southeast RC – A Love Story for the Ages

A big congratulations goes out to Southeast Regional Coordinator Brian Childers. 

A long-time short-term recreational relationship type, Childers has finally found a long-term committed relationship he can believe in… even if most people will not believe in it. 

Though no one else could find this beast, Cupid was able to hit the mark, landing for Childers the one and only “Big Foot!”

According to the Atlanta-based leader, the foot isn’t the only thing big about his newfound love. “Big Foot is everything I’ve been looking for. I can really look up to this one,” he said.  

The couple will be taking things one step at a time, mostly because, says Childers, “Big Foot tends to be a flight risk.”  

When asked for a comment from Big Foot, the tall one had this to say, “Brian is the only one I would come into public for. Before him, it was all about my inner Earth cave. Now I have a reason to come out.” 

And so it seems the same for Childers. Congrats kids! 

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