“MDI” Finally Identifies What “MDI” Stands For

Dick Smally

In a surprising move, the MDI Board of Directors has chosen to once again revisit the international men’s organization acronym of “MDI.” Initially standing for “Men’s Divisions International,” the moniker “Mentor Discover Inspire” appeared in 2004 only to disappear for eight years before returning again under President Stan Snow.

There were a number of names devised, mostly from bitter men who were holding gigantic lists, included:

  • Menstruating Douchebags Inc. 
  • Mediocre Discombobulated Institution
  • Medieval Drag-queens International
  • Management Damaging Institution
  • Morons, Dimwits & Idiots

Then there were some creative notions:

  • You Don’t Want Mine (Hey, that’s YDWM)
  • Men Doing Ihuasca
  • Men Doing the Impossible

To finally stop any confusion, the decision – in a 7-1 vote – is to change the name henceforth to … (Drumroll) … “Men Deciding on Initials.”

Now that the MDI name has been finalized, the Board will next be working to identify what AT&T could stand for.

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