From Flab to Fab: Unmasking the Dad Bod Deception 

Eric Mortimer
MDI Contributor


Editor’s Note: This is the third and final in a series from Eric Mortimer as he takes a journey from being out of shape to being in shape, in what he calls a “Journey to Light.” His first installment is HERE. His second is HERE.

Ever wondered if your dad bod could be weaponized? In just 90 days, I turned my spare tire into a six-pack and learned the power of “HONOUR THE TRUTH.”

Are you ready to stop the bullshit and join the revolution?

It was 90 days back. I was rocking the dad bod, thinking I was settling for comfort. Little did I know, how big a liar I was being. I truly craved a weaponised body. I was bullshitting myself, and by settling, I was setting myself up for shame and hypocrisy.

For ages, I spun lies about my average physique, wreaking havoc on my self-esteem and bank account. I was a master at hiding it, acting like it wasn’t a big deal. But let’s face it, I knew the truth…

Enter the ancient curse of “DeNile of the Dad Bod,” a phenomenon as timeless as mummies and daddies. I tried to cloak it, but the reality was bleak. My confidence, discipline, and commitment issues affected my personal and professional game. It hit me when I caught myself coaching someone on weight loss while neglecting my own.

That was my wake-up call. I pledged to sync up my words with actions, not just for my clients, but for my own sanity. Seeking support, I dove headfirst into practicing what I preached with unmatched intensity. The outcome?


In 90 days, I dumped 22 pounds, packed on muscle, and noticed a positive vibe in my business. Bonus: my wife Jen can’t keep her hands off the new me.

Through this metamorphosis, I discovered that shame and inconsistency aren’t picky; they infiltrate every nook of our lives, messing with relationships, business, and our overall vibe.

Now it’s your turn.

Where do you need to Stop Fucking Lying and Honour the Truth? What part of your life needs a reality check starting today? I challenge you to tackle it head-on and witness the cosmic shift it can ignite. Embrace the journey, rally your crew, and watch the transformation ripple through your world. 

About Eric Mortimer

Eric Mortimer is well known to Mentor Discover Inspire as he is a former DC of Head Smashed In, and Legacy Magazine Man of the Year. He walks his talk and coaches men to unlock power and unwavering certainty to produce bigger results, find purpose in your profits, protect your creations, and expand your legacy. Reach out to him directly at (403) 827-8081 or follow his “Journey to Light” adventures at www.facebook.com/EricCMortimer/

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