From Pirate to King: The Journey to Light Continues

Editor’s Note: This is second in a series from Eric Mortimer as he takes a journey from being out of shape to being in shape, in what he calls a “Journey to Light.” His first installment is HERE.

Eric Mortimer
MDI Contributor

I was on my treadmill for the fifth consecutive day contemplating how the Legacy Discovery weekend has influenced my “Journey to Light: From Fat to Fit,” and I discovered a correlation between Pirates and Kings. 

In a world filled with endless distractions and temptations, the quest for mature masculinity sometimes feels like navigating a ship through uncharted waters. We’re casting off on a high-seas adventure to discover what it means to be a King or an immature Pirate on the unpredictable sea of life.

The King vs. The Pirate:

1. Building an Empire vs. Chasing Quick Loot

Like a savvy entrepreneur, the King sets his sights on building an empire. He understands that success and wealth come from hard work, dedication, and honing skills. It’s all about planting seeds, nurturing their growth, and reaping the harvest of his kingdom.

The Pirate, on the other hand, can’t resist chasing quick loot. He’s drawn to the glint of gold doubloons and the allure of get-rich-quick schemes, or he may even steal from Kings. Instant gratification isn’t fast enough for these characters. 

2. Embracing Discipline Over Cosmetic Fixes

The King loves discipline, consistency and staying in shipshape condition. He knows working up a sweat in the gym and keeping a healthy lifestyle is more rewarding than opting for shortcuts like liposuction. After all, a King doesn’t take shortcuts; he forges the path to self-improvement.

The Pirate, however, often chooses cosmetic fixes over genuine self-improvement. He might prefer a quick touch-up or Instagram filters over rolling up his sleeves for real transformation, missing the buried treasure of true growth.

3. Nurturing Bonds vs. Seeking Escapades

The King treasures deep connections and takes the time to nurture authentic relationships like a captain cherishing his loyal brothers. He knows that genuine bonds are the treasures of life, worth more than all the gold in the world.

Conversely, the Pirate seeks rated RRRRR escapades to escape life’s challenges and responsibilities. He may turn to fleeting pleasures like porn, transactional booty encounters, or other escapism instead of embracing life’s grand adventures and the riches of meaningful connections.


“The Journey to Light” is about us consistently moving from a dark Pirate to an awakened King. It’s a transformation that demands introspection, self-discipline, and a commitment to personal growth. By embracing the King within us, we can navigate the turbulent seas of life with purpose, strength, and integrity, leaving behind the allure of instant gratification and an immaturity that the Pirate represents.

So, brothers, it’s time to turn up the light and become the rulers of our destinies, all while sharing a hearty laugh and showing others the way. 

Your choice.

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Eric Mortimer is well known to Mentor Discover Inspire as he is a former DC of Head Smashed In, and Legacy Magazine Man of the Year. He walks his talk and coaches men to unlock power and unwavering certainty to produce bigger results, find purpose in your profits, protect your creations, and expand your legacy. Reach out to him directly at (403) 827-8081 or follow his “Journey to Light” adventures at www.facebook.com/EricCMortimer/

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