A Journey to Light

Eric Mortimer
MDI Contributor

Yes, I willingly subjected myself to this yesterday.  

Picture this: It’s pitch black, hotter than a summer’s day in the Sahara, and I’m crammed into a sweat lodge with the Blackfoot Tribe. If you’re thinking of a luxurious spa day, think again. I’m wedged between two large, sweaty men. Sweat, snot, tears, and emotions are flowing from me like a waterfall. It sucked. Yet I loved every sweaty, snot-filled moment of it.

Why, you ask? Because sometimes, life’s most profound transformations happen in the darkest, stickiest, and most uncomfortable places. I’m talking about embracing the struggle and finding the light on the other side. It’s like coming out of a spiritual sauna, only much hotter, feeling physically and emotionally lighter!

Let’s face it: many men are excellent at planning and starting things. We’ve got the enthusiasm of a puppy chasing its tail. But when the going gets tough, we’re out of there faster than you can say “easy way out.” The struggle? Nah, not for us. We want instant gratification and rewards yesterday.

But here’s the cosmic joke: taking the easy road often makes life harder. We end up stuck in the same old rut, going nowhere.

That comfort zone? Men, It’s more like a quicksand pit full of sewage.

So, what’s the secret sauce? Honouring the struggle. Yep, you heard me right. Instead of hating on it, let’s give it a high-five. The battle is where greatness is brewed, just like a diamond formed under crazy pressure. We can shine as brightly as a supernova when we navigate life’s hardships. So, let’s intentionally create some challenges to shape ourselves and have it all. You can be more, do more and suck less with the right plan and mindset.

One of my current goals is to cut my body fat to 13 percent. This is something I have started several times but have not followed through. I intend to bring the same mindset of embracing the struggle and enjoying my journey to getting lighter. To add extra accountability, I am currently documenting this adventure on Facebook. So feel free to join me and see if I make it or fail again. www.facebook.com/EricCMortimer/

My Journey to Light: From Fat to Fit blog on Facebook is about savouring every moment, whether pushing our limits in a sweat lodge or tackling everyday challenges. If we’re not fully engaged, we might as well be on autopilot, missing out on our potential. 

The journey is where we find our true selves, like a treasure hunt for courage, strength, and the ability to endure. The struggle isn’t something to dodge but something to hug like a brother at a division meeting. When fully engaged, you can quickly unlock unlimited power, profits and purpose in your business, relationships, and life.

So, what do you say, brother? Ready to join me on this Journey to Light? Follow my escapades and share yours with me and your brothers, whether shedding those extra pounds or conquering life’s wild rides. Let’s tip our hats to the hardships, discomfort, and obstacles that make us who we are.

They’re our stepping stones to greatness.

About Eric Mortimer

Eric Mortimer is well known to Mentor Discover Inspire as he is a former DC of Head Smashed In, and a Legacy Magazine Man Of The Year. He walks his talk and coaches men to unlock power and unwavering certainty to produce bigger results, find purpose in your profits, protect your creations, and expand your legacy. Reach out to him directly at (403) 827-8081 or follow his adventures at www.facebook.com/EricCMortimer/

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  1. Love the idea of embracing the discomfort. I’m going to try that myself with my current challenges: dealing with a lingering ear infection, and trying to lose some pounds as part of a running-related goal.

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