Former MDI President Rich O’Keeffe

Rich O’Keeffe of the Western Division was the MDI President from 2007 through 2008.

What did you want to accomplish as the President during your time?
I wanted to end the Men’s Weekend versus Legacy Discovery war we had going on. I also wanted us to put our focus not on events, but on developing good men. I also wanted MDI to be an organization that was in the black financially every year. During my time, we wrote the mission of MDI. We also became financially stable.

Which of your visions have lasted over the years? Which of your visions have been altered or discontinued?
The structural and organizational changes we made are still in effect today. Though to be fair, they have been refined and made better over the intervening years.

How do you see MDI now? 

We are at a crossroads. A lot of what we do and how we are operating are oriented around what we needed for that time and not as relevant today. We are in need of modernizing our structure, our programs, our trainings, hell even our very structure to serve the needs of today and tomorrow.

What can you do now towards creating the MDI you’ve always wanted to create?

I was effectively retired from leadership until recently. I was doing some things, mostly mentoring leaders and some board committee work. I just completed as the Western Region Chief of Staff and will be assuming an International Position, VP of Training, effective October 3. Many of us in MDI have gifts to give the world, and it is time to resume giving.

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