Regional Coordinator Northeast Region Michael Conkright


Mr. Conkright, what are you working on at the present time as Regional Coordinator of the Northeast region?

At the present time there are multiple projects and events that are being worked on. The region is preparing for its first face-to-face regional event since COVID. 

We are also working on our first RC/DC face-to-face meeting since Covid. 

As RC, I will be completing soon, and I am pushing hard and keeping my foot on the gas pedal. My objective is to keep the momentum moving forward for the next RC.

What do you see for the future of the region and MDI?

Being in deeper relationships, being closer to men and supporting men to cause greatness in their lives. 

As far as MDI goes, we are to grow the organization to 750 men and strengthen, grow, and develop, relationships in the organization.

What was your greatest lesson you learned as your time as the RC?

I learned A LOT!!  It’s about being in relationship with other men. The stronger the relationship, the faster the enrollment. Realizing where the region was at and moving it forward. COVID attacked the enrollment process and as an organization we need to deepen our relationships. 

What advice would you pass along to man stepping into the role of RC for the first time?

It’s an opportunity to cause greatness in other men. Training men to be better leaders was a great experience. It is also a great opportunity to work with high caliper leaders and learn new ways to cause greatness in men. 

What was the experience like from shifting over to technology for communication as compared to face-to-face meetings?

The technology provided a good stop gap and allowed us to continue our work of causing greatness in men and developing men into becoming stronger leaders. It also challenges you to develop and modify your listening and observation skills. You learn to look, listen, and sense issues with men in a different manner. 

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