Former MDI President Sandy Peisner

Sandy Peisner of the San Diego Men’s Division was the MDI President from 2013 through 2014.

What did you want to accomplish as the President during your time?

To get the organization financially stable, create a newsletter, have an in-person event for the entire organization, and unifying MDI.

Which of your visions have lasted over the years?

We are stable financially, the newsletter has grown in ways I never thought of.

How do you see MDI now? 

I see MDI as a place men come to grow, mature, and win in life. Everyone’s win may be different – from a new job, to a successful relationship, to providing for a loved one. They are different for every man, and being on a team makes a difference

What can you do now towards creating the MDI you’ve always wanted to create?

Show up, be a mentor, participate at whichever level I choose: team, division, regional, internationals.

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