All of Your Nominations!

Editor’s Note: After requesting nominations for the Legacy Magazine MDI Man of the Year, the response was a steady flow of names. We wanted to make sure we included all the names, including one man’s name who wanted to remove himself from the running. All men are honored here.

Frank DeCarlo

Frank DeCarlo birthed and brought the Expansion Initiative to this organization and through his efforts and creativity is having a huge impact on this organization, its men and the men that come through EXI. That should be enough!

BUT, DeCarlo continually takes a stand for men to give their best, to live the code, to live their weekends, all while giving his best and pushing past barriers that would keep him from doing so. He models what a man looks like for other men to do so AND DeCarlo is living and fulfilling the MDI Mission and Vision.

He holds the following Leadership roles:
Vice President of Expansion Initiative
As well as a leadership role on his team “Goals Leader.”

He continually invests into the men in his life, is supportable and accountable.

He holds himself and the men accountable, he inspects, encourages and mentors men in a masculine loving manner. He is open, honest and revealing. How DeCarlo shows up, sets the tone for how men can show up in their own lives. He invests his time, effort and emotion into the men, all men.

He holds the highest of standards and expects every man to give his best to follow those who have made a path, where there was none. He is one of those men and I believe he should be honored as such!

David De Francisco

Andrew Hopper

My name is Mickey Dutta, I’m on team moMENtum in the Kitchener / Cambridge Ontario area. I would like to nominate as MDI Man of the Year my team captain: Andrew Hopper, Momentum, Kitchener/Cambridge area, Western Front.

Hopper has been instrumental in doubling the size of our Men’s team from 7 to 14. He’s led us through several community fundraisers, encourages every last member, calls and spends time with the men, and is just a great example of a team member.

Mickey Dutta

Herky Cutler

I’d like to nominate Herky Cutler from Circle of Courage, Head Smashed In, Canada as the MDI Man of the Year.

Herky is a man of integrity that embodies all of the MDI values. He demonstrates excellent leadership and mentorship skills and has served as the HSI DC for the last two years.

He has brought me and countless other men to the fire because he truly cares about bettering and contributing to the lives of others and growing community.

Above all, Herky is real and that’s what I appreciate and look up to him the most for.  He is not afraid to call it as he sees it, and because of this he has helped me and others see our blind spots so that we can learn and grow from our experiences.

With Herky coming to the end of his term as HSI DC, I believe this is the perfect opportunity to honor and thank him for his leadership with this recognition.

Jordan Brown

Rob Kettle

Great day, to anyone that reads this. I am entitled to have been introduced to the man, Rob Kettle. I’m writing swiftly, because I know he mentors many bright minds, who can type with both thumbs and will also be seeking to nominate him, post haste! The privilege to meet Rob and his lovely Lorraine, in their homes was truly an honour. Please, ask them about their journey reconciling the decades together … on simple pen and paper. It’s quite the epic. Love that man. He continues to match the energy and give promise to the youths of Alberta like few others I’ve ever met … I’m proud to nominate my friend, Rob.

Dustin Ramsbottom 

Denis Moreau

Denis Moreau
Odd ballz
Warrior sons
Atlantic region

My reasoning for nominating Denis Moreau is he has been happily married for over 25 years. Both of his girls are being successful on their own. He is thriving in his profession, volunteers in his community, and he allows the division to meet on his property at “The Structure” whenever we need. You know his commitment to MDI; it shows both here and in his life, loud and clear.

Robert Dubois, Sr

Quick Mentions

Illya Fee wrote: Ethan Cooke 

Sandy Peisner wrote: Chris Christopher

Spencer Merlis wrote: Thomas W. Ray – Man of the Year

Mike Dorion wrote: I would like to nominate Tony Fisher please and thank you.

Aureus Humboldt wrote: Benjamin Schlosser 

Ron Lang

Editor’s Note: Ron Lang was twice nominated and was eliminated from the nomination process at his own request. We honor his wish, and he appears here as a “mention” to respect those who nominated him.

From Dennis Speer: Lang has done every job except DC and RC as far as I remember. Lang has served the men in the organization and has even housed some when they were desperate. Lang inspires us 70-year-old kids, and most of us want to grow up to be like him. With only 43 years of Men’s work he still Discovers, Learns, and Teaches. I have seen him do Send Offs to weekends that brought tears to my eyes and got the man going trembling with anticipation. Icons he has brought to us are still blessed and honored and carried with reverence. Lang for MDI Man of the Year

From Michael Burns:


Mr. Lang is 81, did Men, Sex, and Power in ’80, Oakland, CA; LD in 2003; multiple team and division jobs.
He is not an organization man; he is the kinda man that formed the bedrock of the Sterling/MDI community. He now has the Elder wisdom to know what he can and can’t do as his mental faculties lose sharpness and reliability.

For 43 years he has shown up to team and division meeting / events. He leads team activities like fun and ceremony. He speaks from experience, he mentors and inspires. Mr. Lang is a poster child for aging with humility, transparency, grace and dignity.

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  1. I am really moved by the Man of the Year process, award, and this inclusion of all the nominees and their sponsors. We can never honor too much our men who have earned “rank”, with our help!

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