Welcome New MDI Members January 2024

Each time a new man stands within our circles, there can exist another teammate, another potential brother, a brother in arms. And as many MDI men have found, that bond can last forever, no matter the length of time they both stand in the same circle. In this sacred space, each month we welcome those new MDI members. Here are the new men who joined Mentor Discover Inspire in December 2023. Welcome!

Last First Region DivisionMen’s Team
BeckPhilipContinental North StarBring the Heat
CoderreAdamContinental Head Smashed InThe Soul Seekers
RobertsJamesContinental AtlasScrewed In
yuzikkenContinental AtlasScrewed In
PetzoldtThomas Pacific RegionOCBGarrison
RodriguezJuanPacific RegionOCBGarrison

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