Without a Belief in God

By George Johnston, MDI Contributor  

nce upon a time there was a planet where the inhabitants believed in all-powerful Beings that they had never seen… even though it was written in old books that someone had. They had different versions of those Being depending on what area and time they lived in or were born in. Sometimes they fought each other to prove their God was the best, the only, the “True” one. Their beliefs were so important they would kill each other to be more “right” than “the others.” 

The goal was to be the holy, the devoted, the best at demonstrating their certainty in the correctness of their belief. The people would defend their viewpoint without even examining some of the old immoral viewpoints from the different religious books. (For example, God must care deeply about sex and having it the “right” way.)

Of course, there are some inspiring points and stories in all of those religious doctrines. 

Some inhabitants of this planet love feeling better than those “those guys” with differing beliefs. And then there are the atheists. 

Atheist – a person who denies or disbelieves the existence of a supreme being or beings. 

As much as I have some spiritual beliefs, I cannot believe in a Christian type of God, looking over everyone, causing a direction in worldly matters, who once interacted with humans and now does not. 

I believe I could find people who have had experiences and have seen fairies, leprechauns and unicorns. As much I would like a world with these fantastic beings, wanting that does not cause me to believe in them. I can read a story written by someone unknown to me that states certain experiences are true, real, fact. And yet, are they?

The idea that a man (mankind – including all humans) can believe and state knowledge of:

·      God’s mind 

·      God’s intentions 

·      God’s plan 

is self-indulgent… self-important… delusional. 

Most, if not all, deeply religious people I know will take the parts of their religious teaching and embrace the things they like and reject the things they don’t. This would be selective religious ownership. It’s not wrong. It’s just not right for me. I cannot buy in. Religion – the belief there is a God, creator of all, especially one that interacts with humans – does not create morality. 

I can be a moral person without a belief in God. I believe that all people are going to and will get to the same place. Some will give more than they take. Some will take more than they give. Some have more love. Some have more hate. This line of thought is endless … and true. 

Peace and love to every single one of you. 

May you find your best path to that goal, even if we all love a good struggle.

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