Visions, Dreams and Spiritual Experiences

By Gary Wojciechowski, MDI Contributor  

I believe that each and everyone of us do, see, feel, hear, or sense things that are unexplainable. I might be a bit more sensitive to the field around us than most, which might explain my many experiences. But I think we all are having these experiences all the time; it’s just that most of the time we tune them out.    

Think for a moment: Have you ever had a strong intuition that turned out was 100 percent right? Had a strong instinct to turn right instead of left for no reason? Hit the brakes and avoided a collision that you couldn’t have seen coming? Heard a voice unlike your own even when no one else was around? Have you seen a ghost? Had a thought that you have no idea where it came from? Touched two exact objects yet sense that one is somehow different than the other? Had an intuition about a loved one that was in danger when you couldn’t have possibly have known and later found out that that was 100 percent correct?  

I’ve had all those and more, so it is really hard to pick just one to share here.  

I remember as a kid walking around the house when I was alone in the house, shouting, “If there is a God show yourself I DEMAND IT!” And He did.

Once, I had a vision that came to me later when I was sitting quietly staring at the wall; it was a very profound and powerful experience, like a near-death experience. I had another when I climbed up a tree and sat thinking that I could make my body into an antenna to get in touch with the reality that was beyond the clouds. In that experience, for an instant it was like I knew everything there was to know and was in touch with everything. And … then … it was gone. From this, I got that all is connected, but this human brain isn’t capable of processing it all. I was lucky to have had that instant of access.  

As I grew older I continued to have experiences that some would say are unusual. I’ve seen ghosts, spirits, even a poltergeist, and people that appeared real but were a mystery with some message for me, or were here to intervene in some way. I even had experiences of seeing through another’s eyes and reading their thoughts.

I could write a book about all sorts of stories.  

I’ve had dreams as well. Dreams that even to this day that speak to me, and often repeat and repeat until I get the message that the great beyond has for me.  

Having said all this, some might think that I am really connected, maybe psychic or something. But I am just me.

After speaking to others about this over the years, I have come to believe that we all are connected, just most of us tune it out. Heck, I had to mentally tune out seeing ghosts at one point in my life because they were showing up too frequently. Man, I got a life to lead and work to do, I don’t need ghosts dropping in to visit at all hours. It is fortunate that most of this stuff is tuned out actually.  

I must also say, I would have never believed any of it if I had not experienced it all for myself.

I know there is a great field around us that we are all tapped into, I don’t know what to call it. Often I just call it life, or spirit, nature. It’s not separate since we are all a part of it. Aware of it or not we are all a part of it.     

Here’s just a couple of stories I will never forget.  

One dark summer night back in the 1980s, I’m driving on a highway through the forest between Nipawin and Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, (there’s no one else on this highway at 1 or 2 a.m. very sparsely populated up there) There’s a native standing in the middle of the road dressed like a Chief with full headdress, so I slammed on the brakes! As smoke came from all the tires, I thought, “Oh my God I ran him over!” So I stop the car! I look under the car … nothing. I turn the engine off put the reverse lights on and there was nothing in the back behind me. I backed up the car; there’s nothing underneath. I was like, “Whoa that was a very real-looking ghost!” So I locked the doors and took off driving and noticed he’s running alongside the car. I step on it and now the car is going as fast as it can go, and he runs past me.

I’ve often think about that one and wonder, “Who is more freaked out – the ghost or me?”  

Same Highway, it was early winter or early spring. I am driving along that highway and there’s a hitchhiking priest. Now I never pick up hitchhikers, but this is a priest so I pick him up. He tells me he has mass in the next town and he needs a ride. “OK no problem, I’ll give you a ride to your church.” While driving to the next town, he’s talking to me in Polish. I don’t speak Polish, yet I felt as if I was absorbing what he was saying.

We get to the church; there’s high grass all around it and I drop him off. He says thank you and he gets out and goes in to the church. I back up and I start driving and I start thinking, “Wait a second, there’s snow on the ground, it was kind of slushy, and he was wearing sandals and a robe? That doesn’t seem right. He was talking to me in Polish and telling me a lot, but I don’t speak Polish!

What else was really strange, the church looks like it hasn’t been open for a very long time and there were no other cars there. What did he tell me? What was his message? I don’t know. I started to question if he was a ghost. He was so real, and I interacted with him! The place where I dropped him off by the way, is a tiny hamlet that is actually named “Love.”  

I’ll never forget it.  

All these things have had an influence on my life. The skeptic in me had to be shown this in order to believe because otherwise, I would not have believed in much of it. Yet it is challenging because knowing that there is so much more to life than what I do for work or a career, or anything else, just makes everything else seem mundane.

I’ve been meaning to write about this stuff since forever. Perhaps that is what I ought to do. I’m not sure how it will be received. Yet I do know that many people start to open up about similar experiences once they hear some of mine. And that doesn’t surprise me because after all, we’re all one.  

The spiritual teacher Yogananda once said that the universe is “Centre everywhere, Circumference Nowhere!” This explains it well – everything and everyone is the center of the universe. In other words, we are all Gods and Goddesses, and the is no end to it, an ever-expanding universe.

Knowing this scares most, as there is a lot of responsibility that comes with it. I think that might be a reason why people unconsciously tune out, or prefer to think of a god that is outside themselves. I believe that no matter the religion, there is such a great spirit or whatever you want to call it, that exists within each and every one of us. And there is no need to think of ourselves as gods, as it just is the nature of the universe. We can try and pretend to not be a part of it, but that’s just pretending. It’s all there waiting for us at every moment whenever we are ready to notice.  

This is just my little story.

I hope this inspires you to share yours and to notice more of what’s going on around you. Often what some dismiss as imagination isn’t that at all.  

Be still for a moment and just observe, sense and feel your way through. 

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  1. Hi Gary,
    Noticing what is going on around us without tuning it out is important on our journey. We are all God. I agree.

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