Winning Through the Winner’s Mindset

Gary Wojciechowski 
MDI Contributor

I went from an income of just barely getting by as a cab driver to starting a company where I was making as much each month as I did in a year before.

Then a year after that I doubled that as my company was making as much in two weeks as I had in a year just a couple years before.

I remember thinking this is unreal, and all it took was having the right mindset. Now of course finding the right opportunity helped, but there are always plenty of opportunities. Getting into the right mindset is what was the challenge. I spent many months thinking about who I would have to be that would be congruent with who I was and yet confident enough to succeed.

I asked myself a lot of questions. When I knew the answers and the way I needed to be, all it took was to say “Fuck it” and get started.

Over time, I did get started and realized instant success.

Was I perfect? No. Perfection isn’t necessary. Did it last? Not long enough, but long enough for me to achieve a lot of things. Am I a master of wealth creation? No. I still need to work on my mindset and I know how to do it.

It’s just a matter of aligning oneself with what is necessary to achieve. The mind is where the greatest victories can be achieved. The work is to align who you are deep down with who or what you wish to achieve … and become it.

For most, the big deal isn’t money, but rather the realization of freedom.

One little piece of the puzzle came to me he day I stopped buying lottery tickets, as I had always done every week.

I said, “Fuck it!”

I wasn’t going to buy them anymore. I was going to take charge and my own fortune, and I did.

Just capturing that little bit of determination, confidence and willpower to take charge of my life was enough to propel me forward in great strides.

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