Where the F IS Curly? 

Paul Marcotte
Legacy Scout, Eastern Region

One of the tenants of the Code of Honor is to be a 3-dimensional man, yet men struggle with this.

As men, in our lives, we embrace different archetypes or dimensions within us – these can include the tough guy, the deeply caring / higher purpose man, the warrior, but we ignore that silly trickster joking funny guy, like the character Curly from Three Stooges fame.

We believe we have to “Man Up” and push through our days without any fun or light moments. Why? Where did this mindset come from? Can you change your perspective on this?

We need to look at our lives and do an inspection or inventory of what stands between us and having fun in our lives. Are we carrying a list on another man? On ourselves? On a branch of the government? On a company? Clear the list as soon as possible. The longer a man carries a list, the heavier it gets, and the less Curly you have in your life. 

If you carry toxic, negative energy in situations with you in life and don’t resolve them these can cause a slew of issues. This can lead to a serious health issue, such as heart disease or cancer. It can leak over into your relationships or your families’ lives. This can be a cancer in becoming the man you always wanted to be. What work do you need to do to change your perspective and shift from a negative to positive mind set? What practices can we adopt to work through toxic, stinking thinking? How would our lives benefit from this change in thought patterns?

So how do we change and embrace Curly more into our lives?

Let’s start with our team meetings. Is the game something we actually plan out or is it just an afterthought? Are we pulling something out of our ass at the last minute? Do we have a game master on our team? If we half ass the Curly part of our team/tribal meetings, what message is that sending or reinforcing about embracing Curly in our lives? 

When is the last time you belong to a fun league, bowling, golf, archery, biking, pool, whatever, fill in the blank. What excuses, lies, and justifications do we tell ourselves to avoid having fun in our lives?

What about your family? Do you engage in Curly time with your family? Why not? What about a ball game? A concert? Game night on a rainy summer’s evening? Time is of the essence; we can’t buy more of it!!! 

How can you embrace Curly in a stressful situation in life? If you are stuck in traffic, would a comedy podcast work for you? How about going to a comedy show with your family? How about a comedy night as part of a team meeting? 

This month, kick Clint in the balls, bitch slap Gandhi into the middle of next week, and have some fun, dam it!!! What’s the worst that could happen? You become a three dimensional man? You laugh? You lighten up and actually become a kid again? 

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