What I Learned In MDI

David Plante 
Guest Contributor

Here is a list of things I learned from the men when I was a member of the international men’s organization, MDI. If it weren’t for those men, I would not be where I am today.  

  • Owning my shit, even if it stinks, keeps me in integrity.  
  • Slow down, and take the time to get to know people, for who they really are.
  • When I lead, I have to stay true to MY values, not someone else’s, and be willing to be the only one willing to go to battle over those values. 
  • Be transparent, tell the truth, and be willing to be wrong to further the success of whatever is going on. 
  • The whole world can be changed for the better, if two men believe the same thing trust each other, and don’t break the rules.
  • Commitment, integrity, discipline and telling the truth takes work, and there is no vacation in it, no matter how old you are, how long you have been around, or how many medals your wear. 
  • Be the master of my territory, and inspect EVERYTHING, so people don’t take from me what I have worked so hard for.
  • Telling the truth is the shortest way to happiness.

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