Warrior Son Moving Forward in MDI

Paul Marcotte
Legacy Scout

Eastern Region

An interview with Stephen Beirne, Division Coordinator for Warrior Son’s Tribe

Q: Beirne – as we move forward into 2023, what are some of the challenges as well as opportunities that are available for men to grow into their roles as mature, masculine leaders?

A: On Saturday, February 25, 2023 there was an MDI Team Leader summit. This gave men who are currently team leaders and those men that will eventually become  team leaders a chance to get a deeper understanding of the work that goes on in men’s circles. This was an opportunity to help men lead the team that they are on by deepening their understanding of how the circle supports men in their lives.

Not only do we need to apply what we are learning at our men’s team meetings in the circle, but how do we take this out into every phase of our lives? How as men do we take the lessons we learn and bring them into our relationships, our work lives, as well as the communities we live in? How do we cause greatness in all areas of our lives?

This work is a continuous growth journey on every man’s path, and the lessons never stop coming. No matter how long we have been at this work, there is always more to learn in the circles and more information we can share with the people in our lives. 

Q: What else is on the horizon for MDI as well as the Warrior Son’s Division?

A: On Wednesday, March 8, 2023 there will be an MDI Meet and Greet on Zoom.

When the time is finalized, more information will be sent out to the men in MDI. One of the more exciting things going on in the Warrior Son’s Division is that both division teams are having guest events / open house meetings. The goal is to enroll more men into the circles and ultimately have men take the growth they experience in the men’s circles out into the world.

This work is becoming more important as the world that we live in is becoming more complex and is constantly evolving with challenges and opportunities that will shape our future! 

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