Pacific Regionals – Trust and Collaboration in the Meeting of the Minds

From Dave Yale, Regional Coordinator Pacific Region

On Saturday, February 4, 2023 the men of the new Pacific Region, including the men from San Diego, gathered together in San Francisco for their first-ever Regional core team face-to-face meeting. The all-day event was filled with trainings, inspections and planning activities, but the biggest win of all was getting nearly 50 men together in person and in relationship with each other. It’s easy when you’re in a leadership position to feel all alone in your job, but when you get together with 5 to 10 men who are all dealing with the same leadership challenges, a bond really gets created. The entire region got a boost of energy out of the event, and we’re excited to see what happens when men from all over California collaborate with each other.

For Those in Attendance, A Full Agenda

  1. An exercise to connect with brothers we may have never met before.
  2. Inspiring videos that placed a high context on each section of the day, such as the leadership lessons found in the film “Heart of a Champion.”
  3. Inspections of every division and division coordinator in our region. with direction given to each coordinator to move forward into their own success and the success of their divisions.
  4. A focus on how to achieve MDI President Ian Kennard’s vision: “With trust and collaboration, we build the foundation and infrastructure of MDI so that all future generations of men have a men’s circle to stand in.”
  5. Smaller circles answering the question: How can each aspect of our organization – S1s, MTP/enrollment, division coordinators / leadership collaborate with each other to win?
  6. The reminder of a membership goal of 750 men by December 31, 2023, claiming ownership of at least 55 new men in the Pacific Region.
  7. The commitment to fill a Legacy Discovery event in October 2023.
  8. An engaging enrollment presentation by Kyle Aberg and Ethan Cooke, with the in-your-face topic of what’s at stake for not standing up for masculinity?
  9. Olaf Krop’s presentation about the new Membership Training Program that will pave a clear path for new men towards full membership.
  10. Good food, great company, higher purpose…

….. And a quote: “A leader owns 100 percent of responsibility for his organization.”

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