The Stupidest Thing We’ve Ever Done

EDITOR’S NOTE: As part of a Legacy Discovery as well as the Online Introduction Program itineraries, men are asked to reveal to the rest of the circle “the stupidest thing they’ve ever done.” It opens the door to some laughs, some connection as well as some close misses on being nominated to a “Darwin Award” (Google it). Below is a smattering from the staff of the Legacy Magazine, plus one men’s team. Send in your story if you dare to be so humble.

Justin LaBarge

For the record, I have never done ANYTHING stupid. Such as …

Michael Burns

In 1987 one year after I did Men, Sex, and Power in Manhattan (not a stupid thing), my wife and I split up and divorced (not a stupid thing). We owned a mom-and-pop natural food store on Long Island which I kept while she got our house in Northport (also not stupid things). I had an affair with a customer of the store, which led to the divorce (another not stupid thing). Caving into wife’s pressure, I told her who the affair was with, a very STUPID THING! Though the lover and her husband handled it very well.

Dylan James

 A stupid thing I did: Watched a full-length porno with a group of girls who were just friends… pure torture!

Jim Ellis

Making sure to prove how quick and fast I was as an athlete as an 8-year-old boy, I would play chicken with automobiles, by laying down at the cross street of my neighborhood. As soon as a car was coming around the corner, I would swiftly get out of the way. Sister told my mom, and the fun was over! And I lived.

Greg Powell

I once challenged an Alaskan crab fisherman to an arm wrestle. These guys are nothing but arms! He gave me 1000:1 odds. I was pretty drunk and when I woke up in the morning it took me awhile to figure out why I couldn’t use my right arm.

Paul Mack

Well, there’s always the time I knocked a Beer Stine into my lap, which was hilarious, but not because of anything stupid I did, but the stupid thing the SERVER did … ie. putting it down right in front of me two inches from the edge and not mentioning it to the blind guy!

In the end, I honestly believe that the stupidest thing I ever did was having a child at that time, in that place, with that person, in the first place.The awesomeness of Colyn does not negate the fact that his conception was a result of poor judgement on my part, & the fact that I did a stupid thing that resulted in Colyn does not in any way impact the awesomeness that is Colyn. In fact, it’s empowering because even though things began with a bonehead move, I learned from it…& drew motivation from it…& as a result became a fucking Kickass Dad!

Bonus – Stupid Things Men Do From Team “Amped Up” in the Pacific Region

Never replace dishwasher soap with regular dish soap. Bubbles everywhere. ~ Todd Sorbo

My friend and I went to Magic Mountain and took acid. Then he wanted to smoke a joint so we did and got caught. They kicked us out. The stupid part is when I got in my car and drove to a hotel that I’ve never been to, peaking on acid. Mind you there were no cell phones or GPS apps back then. It’s a miracle I didn’t wreck! ~ Matt Garcia

Carried 30 grams of hashish in my luggage through JFK customs when flying back from Belgium with my parents when I was 17 years old. ~ Doug Belden

When I was 3 years old, I committed grand theft auto in our apartment complex. I bit a girl on a tricycle and stole her bike. She was 4. I ditched the bike and have been in hiding ever since. ~ Nemen Gailani

At 7 years old, I was riding my bike down the hill and tried to chase a parked car and crashed. – Darrel Gaul

I was 15 with a restricted drivers license. A family friend took me out driving. We went all over Orlando. The city streets, freeways I-4, residential streets. Stopped, had lunch, drove home. Pulled into the driveway hit the gas instead of the break and went through the garage door. Glad my parents had home owners insurance. ~ Sandy Peisner

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