5 Signs Your Bromance is Over

Joe King
Legacy Contributor

There are countless articles and blogs pertaining to the phenomena of couples losing their romance over the years of matrimony. But what about when that close teammate within your favorite “bromance” starts to fade?

What about that, huh?

According to a recent national survey by the not-for-profit organization “Bro’s Before Ho’s,” here are top 5 signs your bromance is over.

  1. He starts calling you by your first name and drops the last name, as well as the term of endearment: “Dude.”
  2. In a lineup of choosing teammates in the fun and physical competition, he overlooks you and chooses a real old guy.
  3. You see him on FaceBook enjoying baseball season seats with a bunch of other people.
  4. He doesn’t return phone calls after 24 hours. Oh wait, that happens all the time. Scratch that. He never calls back but then later says to you “What voicemail?”
  5. He covers up his tattoo of you with an image of Winona Ryder.

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