The Love of a Sister in Need of Support

David Turk
Guest Writer

Trish Turk is my sister. And my sister needs help.

Diagnosed with cancer, the disease has robbed her of her ability to speak due to the removal of her larynx; she is currently waiting for medical help that will allow her to once again communicate verbally.

Trish is kind, generous, fun, funny, cantankerous and, at times, a woman very difficult to please. She is loving, lovable and extremely direct with people. She has been a mother figure, a friend and a rock of a supportive presence since I was a little kid. She is ten years older than me and needed to help our mother with child-rearing duties as Mom had her hands full with some challenges of her own. If not for her, I am certain I would not have the amazing life I enjoy today. I love her more than one could imagine and want to see her taken care of as she approaches the time in her life when work becomes more and more difficult for her.

Due to circumstances in her life, she has not taken good care of herself financially, which puts her at age 71 in a precarious situation.  She is planning on moving out of her modest home along with her partner Gretchen of 20 years into a mobile trailer. She is not complaining about this, but I believe this will add to her current difficult situation. I am committed to seeing her comfortable and to make sure she does not need to compromise herself any more than necessary.

If not for her, I am certain I would not have the amazing life I enjoy today.

I have asked the men of MDI’s Mid-Atlantic Region to assist financially in any way possible. They have shown up as expected, fully supportive of the well-being of family. However, the time has come for me to ask for more help in order to insure that Trish can stay in her home, is able to afford the medical assistance necessary to regain her voice, and to continue to be the powerful presence she has been for so many people throughout her life.

If you would consider going to her GoFundMe page and contributing to her cause, she and I, her partner and the countless people whose lives they touch, would be immeasurably impacted in a positive way. THANK YOU in advance for your consideration.




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