The Key Ingredient to Success for Men

Jim Ellis
Editor, Legacy Magazine

NEWSFLASH – Men want success!

Nothing new here, huh?

But do we men have all we need to achieve the success we desire?

With all the effort moving in that direction, along with all that focus on strategy, context and execution, there may be one piece of the puzzle that is missing for many.

The other day I had an experience that would reveal for me that vital ingredient in very clear terms.

I was standing at the counter of Starbucks. The barista taking my order was doing his best. He was new and wanted to make sure he did a good job. I gave a detailed but simple request.

  1. Two oatmeals – one blueberry and one regular. With only agave toppings.
  2. One plain bagel that is kept in its wrapper.
  3. Both placed into the recycled bag that I’m holding in my hand.

There you go. Sounds easy enough. I even made hand signals to make sure he understood what I was wanting. For example I was holding up the bag to show I brought my own, and with my hands I made the international sign for “bagel kept in its original wrapper.” (You will have to imagine.)

The barista took the order, placed it into the register with keen focus. I received the printed out receipt, and all of it was impeccable.

Good job barista!

I also watched as the other barista behind the order-taker said that she would handle the making of the oatmeal. She, too, had the look of one very laser-focused worker who really wanted to do a good job. I actually was impressed with the two of them working together for the ultimate result – one satisfied customer. I even yelled out “that’s teamwork” as I overheard the woman tell the man “I got it.”

In short order, I was the recipient of my order from the second barista.

What did I receive?

  1. One oatmeal with nuts and fruit toppings.
  2. A plain bagel cooked up real toasty.
  3. All placed into a new bag and handed over to me.

Every one of these items were incorrect.

You would have to see the face on this woman. She delivered the care package with the utmost of concentration and consideration. She took immense pride in her delivery. She held an awesome context!

The only problem?

It was all wrong.

It was then that it hit me. A very valuable lesson around success.

You can hold the best context in the world. You can give your best effort. But if in your teamwork, you are missing the vital ingredient of clear communication, all can go awry.

Without good communication on a team, the final result could very easily be one big L, where a W could be so close in reach.

Take it to heart and apply where you can. Living at the relationship level – aligned impeccably with your teammate – will assist you in getting the best results, and most likely the much sought after success.

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