The Girlfriends of MDI – Julie Hunot

(Julie Hunot writing about Dylan Stewart.)

It feels amazing to be loved and supported by a man who knows who he is, by a man who stands tall and welcoming, by a man who inspires those around him.

I knew the moment I met Dylan he was something a bit different and something very special. A lot of who Dylan is, and what I love about him, is of course who he is at his core, but it is evident that this men’s work enhances all of his best qualities.  

This is a relationship unlike any other that I have had, and I cherish every moment of it.

Dylan brings insightful questions that spark meaningful dialogue; he brings a deep connection and understanding of his emotions; he brings an awareness of himself and others that is unparalleled, and above all else, he is strong and powerful in all of the ways that are truly important.

I can not imagine a better relationship, and never knew the depth of connection I could feel with another person.  

I would love Dylan without his men’s work, but I am thankful he makes the effort to be the best version of himself.

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