The Eulogy of Clifford Speer

Editor’s Note: Dennis Speer of the Western Region wrote this to share who his father was, and how he was trained by example to be the man he is, which he sees now as the man he has always wanted to be. Clifford Eugene Speer passed May 7, 2021.

Clifford Eugene Speer

Jesus was a carpenter, 
My father was one too,
He followed in the steps of Christ,
And did what he could do,
To ease the pain of poverty
To help the old and frail
To protect the young
And save the earth,
And all this done with mirth.
When asked what he wanted,
He only asked for time,
The work it was imposing,
To Dad it was sublime.
He’s gone now to his maker
And left us with much to do.
If you knew him, young or old,
You’d know a Christian soul
That did the deeds and filled the needs
Without having to be told.
Dad was a carpenter, his specialty the saw.
He’d cut the timbers to the plan
While others lifted them to nail.
I like to think that Jesus,
That carpenter of yore,
Has tired of doing each and every chore.
So he’s called upon my Dad,
Cliff Speer he  be by name,
To come and help with building
The heavenly hosts domain.
God may be the Architect,
Setting forth the plans,
And Jesus is the carpenter,
That builds them with his hands,
My dad, he be the sawyer,
Shaping spirits through example,
I hope my life when next to his,
Can found to be ample.

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