That’s What We’re Here For!

Gary Wojciechowki 
MDI Contributor

I’m thinking of the power of gratitude.

It’s nice to be appreciated by others, but the power of gratitude really is empowering for one’s own self.

The more one can think of and truly be grateful for all one has, and all one doesn’t have in one’s life, the more happy, peaceful and joyful one’s life is.

And that truly is what it’s all about.

If one can be grateful for all the problems they don’t have, and for the ones that they do have, which keeps them growing, evolving, learning and facing challenges … then great!

Fantastic! Awesome! That’s it! That’s what we’re here for!

Being grateful for all one has is the greatest gift one can give oneself.

Remember when you were a kid and were told to say prayers and be thankful? It wasn’t just something that the church made up or your parents made up. There is power in that, a psychological science behind it. Doing that brings back gifts of grace into your life.

This is not about religion here.

It’s about grace.

It’s about inner peace.

It’s about love.

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